Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Free CLE Risk Webinar on ABA Model Rule 1.10 Changes

There's an excellent webinar reviewing the substance and implications recent changes to ABA Model Rule 1.10. This rule governs the ability of law firms to use ethical screens pre-emtively to cure conflicts associated with taking on lateral attorneys who have represented parties adverse to current firm clients.

There was quite a bit of controversy and debate before these changes were accepted by the ABA. You can read a little more about the history and debate here on the ABA's own web site.

The model rule is just that, a model. But it does highlight a growing trend of jurisdictions accepting the reality of attorney mobility and the suitability of screens to address past conflicts.

The ABA webinar I mentioned is available via Thomson West on their webinar site: "Understanding and Responding to Recent ABA Changes to Rule 1.10 Screening Requirement." It's a free session and offers 1 CLE credit (eligible for ethics credit as well).

Speakers include experts from Marsh Insurance (Managing Director), Zuckerman Spaeder (Loss Avoidance Partner), APRL - Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers (their president), and IntApp (software/consulting company providing screening products, the head of their risk practice).

It's an interesting and informative session, well worth the hour.

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