Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Trends in Firm Use of Confidentiality Management Technology

New industry statistics highlight the use of electronic confidentiality management tools by law firms. Several recent cases point to the important of establishing timely and effective ethical screens when taking on lateral hires with past conflicts.

A membership survey by the International Legal Technology Organization highlights the software choices firms have and have been making to achieve compliance and enforce controls in document and other electronic information repositories. A summary of law firm confidentiality and ethical screening software:
  • Wall Builder (IntApp) 70.3%
  • iMPrivate (DocAuto) 7.8%
  • WincWall (Wertheim Global Solutions) 7.8%
  • In-House, Custom-Built Tool 6.3%
  • The Wall (Younts Consulting) 3.1%
  • MasterEthics (RBRO Solutions) 1.6%
  • SecurityGuard (Olson Consulting) 1.6%
  • CompliGuard Protect (The Frayman Group) 1.6%

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