Monday, November 1, 2010

ILTA Seminar: Addressing Law Firm Confidentiality and Data Privacy Requirements

The International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) is sponsoring a seminar on: Addressing Law Firm Confidentiality and Data Privacy Requirements. The session is scheduled for November 11 and will be hosted by Phelps Dunbar in its New Orleans office. Brian Lynch from IntApp and the Risk Roundtable Compliance Consortium, who recently testified before the ABA on law firm confidentiality issues, will present and moderate group discussion. Session details:

Several developments have raised the profile of confidentiality management and data privacy at law firms. These include American Bar Association rule changes supporting broader ethical screening, increasing client interest, and expanding regulatory pressures. Additionally, as firm composition changes through attorney mobility, restructuring or use of contract lawyers, organizations are paying greater attention to access controls. In this session, we will explore how organizations can reduce risk exposure, increase the profile of risk management, and better protect themselves. Additionally, you will:
  • Receive tools to educate your organization regarding current risks tied to common firm information and data life cycle management practices
  • Learn to develop and implement policies, procedures and tools to improve risk assessment, confidentiality management and compliance
  • Apply lessons from more strictly-regulated environments (United Kingdom and Canada) to your firms
  • Leverage firm risk response for competitive advantage in business development and cost negotiations with insurance providers
For more information, and to register to attend this session, see the ILTA event web page.

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