Monday, November 14, 2011

Report from Atlanta Risk Roundtable Session Hosted at Ogletree Deakins

Last Thursday we held a Risk Roundtable session in Atlanta, Georgia. Many thanks to Ogletree Deakins for hosting. Brian Lynch delivered an update on current risk trends and issues, and moderated group discussion. Here's his summary:
  • Dan – Reporting from our latest Risk Roundtable in Atlanta. The group discussed legal trends, but also spent a good amount time talking about the reality of client audits.
  • One firm reported that a banking client recently completed a security audit of their security processes. The client is spending time with multiple law firms to establish a baseline that they can all follow.
  • Dan Drake of Ogletree shared with the group some of their current challenges with consumerization of law firm technology. iPads, iPhones, Android-based technologies, and other non-standard alternatives have found their way into many law firms, and they have brought security risks with them.
  • Many firms have "solved the hacker problem" with standardized firewall software, they have effectively locked down access internally with products like Wall Builder, and they have taken on preventative measures to reduce the risk of data breaches. These firms start by ensuring their " house is in order" and restricting internal access to sensitive documents.
  • One of our attendees spoke about the benefits of tracking indicative behaviors to identify potential bad situations before they happen. He identified the example that we’ve seen cited frequently: dark-of-night downloads. If a lawyer is downloading an unexpectedly high volume of documents to his local drive, it is a possible indicator of imminent departure. Securing and tracking have become essential and complementary functions that firm are looking for in their confidentiality management toolkit.
  • It was a productive forum for risk professionals to ask their peers how they approach different issues, like preparing for client audits.

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