Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Report from Canadian Risk Roundtable Session Hosted at Fasken Martineau

We hosted a Risk Roundtable last week in Toronto, Ontario. Many thanks to Fasken Martineau
for hosting. Brian Lynch delivered a presentation updating attendees on current risk issues and trends, and moderated group discussion. He sent his customary summary of the day:
  • Dan – I'm happy to report that we finished up our Winter Risk Roundtable series with an excellent session in Toronto. Fasken Martineau was gracious to host a large group of attendees, including General Counsels from leading Canadian firms.
  • First we walked through some of the risk trends that IntApp is observing in the US and the UK, especially trend-setting markets like New York and London. We covered familiar ground with the rise of Outside Counsel Guidelines, recent initiatives within the ABA, and Alternative Business Structures in the UK. Client audits continue to capture group attention -- one of the attendees shared his experiences with on-site auditors.
  • Next, Mary Trudell, Director, Conflicts and Records Management at Fasken, shared success stories about her firm’s work to harmonize information governance processes. They’re using IntApp Wall Builder as a foundational technology, supplemented by efforts of her team working across Canadian provinces and in Paris, London and Johannesburg to provide timely and consistent service to the firm's lawyers.
  • Finally, Simon Chester of Heenan Blaikie walked us through the recent decisions of Wallace and Nova. There are certainly interesting implications for both cases, and the assembled group had plenty of questions and commentary. Many thanks to Simon for summarizing the facts and history, and helping us understand the broader context.
This session concludes the 2011 Fall/Winter Risk Roundtable series. Plans are underway for future events in 2012. Watch this space for more details. (And if you'd like to host a Risk Roundtable in your neck of the woods, please get in touch: dan@riskroundtable.com.)

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