Thursday, December 15, 2011

Report from Kansas City Risk Roundtable Session Hosted at Lathrop & Gage

We hosted a Risk Roundtable last week in Kansas City. Thanks again to Lathrop & Gage for hosting. Brian Lynch sent his customary summary of the day:
  • Dan – I'm pleased to report back from our ISO 27001 Risk Roundtable discussion in Kansas City. Lathrop & Gage hosted our session, where we had a chance to check in with KC-based firms and their respective approaches to implementing ISO-friendly security programs. It was a lively discussion, where we had a chance to evaluate the benefits and costs of pursuing ISO certification.
  • As one of our attendees put it, creating a standard information security management system - e.g. ISO - is an inevitability. It's a difficult process for clients and law firms to work through the audit process. Managing audits seems to be something clients increasingly want, and firms are getting more comfortable addressing. But many are looking for a shorthand method to show that they meet a certain level of differentiated confidentiality management. This promises a quicker path to providing clients with peace of mind and enabling firms to address their obligations as they work across jurisdictions.
  • Several attendees commented on the role IntApp Wall Builder plays at their firm in managing confidentiality enforcement as part of their security programs. They're mapping the technology to the requirements and processes ISO 27001 defines to ensure consistent compliance.
  • Many thanks again to Sean Power @ Lathrop & Gage for providing the forum for an intellectually stimulating discussion.
This session concludes the 2011 Fall/Winter Risk Roundtable series (we promise this time). Plans are underway for future events in 2012. Watch this space for more details. (And if you'd like to host a Risk Roundtable in your neck of the woods, please get in touch:

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