Tuesday, February 28, 2012

ISO 27001 for Law Firms -- More News and Competitive Positioning

Bond Pearce just announced that the have retained their ISO 27001 certification. The firm's positioning of the broad scope of its certification suggests another conscious salvo in the use of ISO as a competitive wedge. (See: recent Allen & Overy ISO 27001 announcement.)
  • "ISO 27001 is the world's highest accreditation for information protection and security and is awarded to companies whose business processes conform to strict international standards; it is the only auditable international benchmark for information security management."
  • "We have retained our prestigious ISO 27001 certification following a robust external audit process. We were the first law firm in the UK to achieve full ISO 27001 certification across all sites and services back in 2008."
  • "Full ISO 27001 certification across the entire organisation is rare amongst law firms - many others limit the scope of their certification to IT alone."
  • "Retaining the certification demonstrates our continuing commitment to ensuring its client data is treated with the strictest safeguards and protections to ensure client confidentiality."
Ben Weinberger, Director of IT and Facilities, comments: "We serve an impressive array of national and multinational clients who rely upon our ability to protect and maintain their information with our rigorous security standards.  Retaining our ISO 27001 certification demonstrates our high level commitment and understanding of security requirements to ensure our client information and data remains fully secure. We maintain world-class technology and continue to invest in IT and all our business systems, which play a central role in our strategy to provide the best service experience to our clients."

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