Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Making the Business Case for Investing in Confidentiality Management, Ethical Walls and Information Security (Webinar Recordings)

Today we have three case study presentations to share. Speakers from three firms answer the question: "How did you make the business case to invest in confidentiality management (ethical walls, information barriers, information security) at your firm?"

Each video runs about 8-10 minutes. Interestingly, each highlights a different approach. For example, at some firms these initiatives are driven by IT, at others, by risk teams.

Worth watching if you're looking to make the case at your own firm:

Mia Jiganti, Director of Risk Management, discusses how her firm made the business decision to adopt IntApp Wall Builder for confidentiality management. With increasing pressure from clients and a risk team with limited resources, the firm looked to automate confidentiality management. She explores how Wall Builder addresses their needs, without burdening or disrupting lawyer productivity.

Gavin Gray, CIO, discusses the business case his team made to select IntApp Wall Builder for information security. Because the firm's risk team did not have the bandwidth to completely change their existing processes, the IT team approached the project from a purely technical perspective, helping the risk team better execute and report on existing processes.

Eric Carpenter, Information Systems Director, describes why his firm decided to invest in Wall Builder for information barriers and ethical screens. When the firm embarked upon a matter centricity project, they first attempted to use the native security features in their document management systems, but quickly hit functional limitations and recognized the need for a separate system to manage security centrally across multiple information repositories. He explains how the firm was able to take advantage of a "mid market" product configuration and accelerated implementation plan (which took less than three weeks) to get up and running quickly.

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