Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Risk Roundtable Meeting Report: Toronto Session

We hosted a Risk Roundtable last week in Toronto. Thanks again to McCarthy Tétrault for hosting. Brian Lynch sent his customary summary of the day:
  • Dan – I'm happy to report that we kicked off our Spring Risk Roundtable series with an excellent session in Toronto. McCarthy Tétrault was a gracious host, and we were pleased to be joined by General Counsels from the leading Canadian firms.
  • We spent our first hour reviewing a myriad of risk trends that IntApp is observing in the US and the UK. We covered familiar ground with the increased scope of Outside Counsel Guidelines, FBI discussions with US law firms as the "weakest link," privacy regulatory developments in US and UK, recent initiatives within the ABA, merger trends, lateral activity, and ABS and OFR evolution in the UK. Healthy discussion all around as participants discussed their specific challenges and, in some cases, provided potential solutions for others. It proved once again to be an excellent forum for exchanging ideas and viewpoints.
  • Malcolm Mercer - McCarthy Partner/General Counsel and LSUC bencher - walked us through the recent modifications to the Federation Model Code, rate of adoption by the different Law Societies, and the anticipated impact on conflicts. It was certainly a thought-provoking session, and there are certainly interesting developments re concurrent representation, former client representation, and the scope of client loyalty. Many thanks to Malcolm for showing us the inner workings of Model Code development.
Our next sessions will take place in Los Angeles on April 25th and San Francisco on April 26th. John Steele will be joining to discuss the provocative trend of clients "mandating" ethical behavior from their outside counsel. (Email: info@riskroundtable.com for additional details.)

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