Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Carlson & Wolf on Law Firm Information Security

The C&W blog reports from this week's ILTA 2012 conference: "Legal Security: It Takes A Village." --
  • "While the ethical duty exclusively obligates the lawyer, lawyers rely heavily on the technologists and vendors (many of whom will be attending ILTA 2012) to provide good information and good direction.  It is a mistake to believe that lawyers will have the time and necessary knowledge to drive security forward in this industry in isolation. Rather legal security must be seen as a community effort where all parties (lawyers, technologists, clients, and vendors) are actively involved in specifying and designing protections appropriate for confidential client data."
  • "The challenge of law firm security is a shared one and working together will reduce costs for everyone. After all, it’s really not just about one law firm dealing with one vendor. Law firms are outsourcing and adopting diverse technologies to improve efficiency and maximize value for clients. A single law firm may deal with many vendors, each of whom needs to implement the appropriate level of security. Vendors may also be dealing with many law firms, each bringing its own set of security questions or requirements."
  • "If we approach this problem the traditional way--each isolated from the other--with every law firm trying to validate the security of every vendor, there could be an enormous amount of duplicative effort and unnecessary cycles on both sides. As Pat Archbold's observations demonstrate, in some cases vendors may need to cooperate in order to provide a law firm the required level of security (so vendors, talk to each other!)"

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