Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Law Firm Information Security -- Heads in the Sand?

An interesting article from LTN on law firm information security: "Is Your Law Firm Practicing Head-in-the-Sand Security?" --
  • "Criminals are waking up to the fact that law firm computer systems are abundant sources of valuable, but not necessarily well-protected, client data. The risk isn't just hype. 'It is still very, very apparent that a lot of law firms are still not aware of the situation, and if they are aware, they have their head in the sand and are saying, 'That doesn't apply to us' for some reason,' said Kelley Drye & Warren security manager Jim Fortmuller."
  • "The security measures in certain legal technology applications, such as the LexisNexis Concordance review platform, are easily broken. The weakness is easily solved if system administrators lock their databases, but many do not for reasons of convenience and performance."
  • "It may be a wake-up call that most firms dealing with government and international clients have probably had security problems, Fortmuller asserted."
  • "'The financial vertical, the healthcare vertical, and of course the defense vertical are all sending us RFPs to ask, 'What do you do,'' Fortmuller observed. 'If you're incapable of saying that you can keep that stuff safe, why would they want to keep you as an attorney when they can go to a house that does do that? My point of view is this is a business decision, not a security decision.'"

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