Tuesday, September 11, 2012

ILTA Conference: Information Risk & Security Notes

The team at Carson Wolf posted an update on key information risk and security developments and discussions at the recent ILTA conference in Washington DC: "ILTA 2012 Wrap-Up."
  • "It is clear that for most law firms, the increase in clients specifying security requirements or conducting assessments of the law firm environment were the driving force behind security initiatives."
  • "To meet these increasing client security requirements some law firms are seeking ISO 27001 certification and there were two good sessions presenting firsthand knowledge on the challenges and rewards of ISO certification."
  • "Like any great community organization, ILTA sees the security challenges as an opportunity to serve its members and recently announced the LegalSEC initiative, a new working group focused on law firm security."
ILTA itself also made several session slide decks publicly available. Here are some relevant topics worth exploring:
  • Information Governance and Security Policies: Two Peas in a Pod [Link]
  • Differentiate Your RFP from the Competition with ISO Certification [Link]
  • Information Governance: The New Records Management [Link]
On the lighter side -- ILTA's in-house band, the Legal Bytes, performed several original songs, including "Unethical Walls," written by Frank Gillman. The complete lyrics are also available online. Here's a preview:

You say we’re partners, that much is true.
Yet there’s a conflict ‐ between me and you.
You won’t take a meeting, you won’t take my calls,
You just shut me out ‐ while you build your walls.

(The Risk Management Blog would welcome a recording, live or studio quality, if anyone has one to share...)

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