Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Risks Tied to Law Firm Billing Record (or Lack Thereof)

Another reader pointed out an interesting claim that came to light late last year: "Record Label Sues BigLaw Firms Over Billing Records" (free registration required to view complete article) --
  • "A record label recently lodged malpractice claims in New York state court, alleging that a lawyer who has worked at BakerHostetler, Troutman Sanders LLP and Gibbons PC failed to keep proper billing records, preventing the label from recovering legal fees in a prior suit."
  • "...alleging that Warshavsky did not maintain proper billing records related to the label's defense in a prior copyright case in Louisiana federal court, according to a malpractice complaint lodged Nov. 7."
  • "'Because Warshavksy failed to maintain proper records -- records that would have included copies of his firms’ billing statements -- TufAmerica was unable to prove to the satisfaction of the Louisiana state court that it had incurred the attorneys’ fees, and that those fees were reasonably related to its defense in the…federal court suit,' the complaint said."
  • TufAmerica Inc. v. Warshavsky et al., case number 157795-2012, in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, County of New York.
(And usually the complaint is about over billing...)

Our sister site, the Law Firm Finance Blog, has noted several stories about the role technology can play in improving time management, including automating lawyer time capture and sending alerts when lawyer behavior strays outside of the ordinary.

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