Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Upcoming Risk Roundtable Events: Atlanta, Houston, Philadelphia, San Francisco

We've announced locations and dates for several upcoming Risk Roundtable sessions. This particular series of sessions is focused specifically on information governance and security, and will aim to discuss the following questions:
  • What technologies can firms adopt to manage risk without compromising collaboration?
  • What processes and policies should firms implement to comply with client mandates and government regulations?
  • What techniques can risk stakeholders adopt to foster security and risk awareness amidst lawyers and staff while preserving firm values and culture?
Sessions are currently scheduled for:
  • Atlanta, April 9th
  • Houston, April 10th
  • Philadelphia, April 11th
  • San Francisco, May 1st 
Attendance is by invitation only and is limited to qualified law firms and personnel. Please contact for more details.

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