Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New Business Intake: IntApp Open Provides Law Firms with a Fresh Approach

Yesterday, IntApp announced the available of IntApp Open, a fresh approach to new business acceptance that replaces conventional "build it yourself" workflow software with an application specifically designed to streamline how new clients are evaluated and new matters are created.

Today, law firms face serious pressures to transform the way they evaluate and engage new business. Remaining competitive requires a simplified, refined and innovative approach to new business inception. This innovation must address not only how intake processes are designed and executed, but also how they are updated and adapted over time in response to changing needs, how individuals interact with the software used to administer them, and how the entire system enables management of the complete client engagement and matter lifecycle. In short, inception must evolve.
  • "We looked at several software options to improve the way our firm evaluates and accepts new clients and matters before deciding to partner closely with IntApp," said Paul Caris, Chief Information Officer, Eversheds LLP. "We have been very impressed with the scope of functionality and product design IntApp delivers, and have found them to be a most responsive and straightforward vendor to work with."
IntApp Open is a true new business intake application. It doesn’t require firms to wrestle with development tools like Visual Studio and Windows Workflow, or write a single line of custom code. It doesn’t complicate process design and management by requiring the use of Visio, SharePoint or other third-party tools or plug-ins. And it doesn’t rely on a vendor services model that backs promises of “templates” and “ease of use” with a consulting team eager to design, build and bill for custom development and change orders (both during initial implementation and throughout the life of the project).

IntApp Open leverages input from an advisory group comprising law firms, insurance providers and other industry experts. This collaboration resulted in  unique features, including a flexible business rules engine that enables effective management of practice-specific matter evaluation procedures as well as conflicts clearance practices that may be centralized, distributed among lawyers and practice heads, or both, depending on firm preferences.

The product also includes an integrated question library that provides visibility into the practices, standards and insights developed by industry peers. And it delivers unique value for IT, with an architecture that simplifies change management, data integration and system automation.
  • "We’ve been working closely with IntApp for many years to successfully address a variety of risk management challenges at our firm," said Ann Ostrander, Sr. Director of Loss Prevention, Kirkland & Ellis LLP. "We were pleased to expand that partnership and help support the evolution of IntApp Open because new business acceptance continues to top the list of law firm risk management concerns, and IntApp brings the right mix of experience, technology and skill to tackle this important challenge."
Visit IntApp.com to learn more about the philosophy behind the product and how it can simplify law firm new business intake.

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