Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ethics Opinion Updates

"Multiple Firm Practice Blessed By Ohio Ethics Opinion" --
  • "Finding “substantial justification for a new perspective on  practice in multiple firms” and considering “the context of current rules and  modern practice,” the board concluded in Opinion  2013-1 that practice in multiple firms can occur in compliance with the  Rules of Professional Conduct."

"Client Identities, Legal Bills Can Be Disclosed, [Pennsylvania] High Court Says" --
  • "The court set a fact-specific standard in determining that client identities are typically not privileged unless they would be coupled with information about what type of work the attorney has done on behalf of the client that, when disclosed together, would essentially disclose attorney-client communications. The Supreme Court determined, however, that previous disclosure that the attorney is representing a client in a grand jury investigation is not enough to protect the identity of the client."

And, for those embracing every avenue of our new social world: “Ohio Ethics Opinion states that lawyers may use text messages to solicit clients if all lawyer advertising rules are followed

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