Monday, May 20, 2013

New HIPAA Rules – Law Firms Taking Action to Address Compliance Deadline

With the new 2013 HIPAA Omnibus Rules in effect, and a September compliance deadline looming, firms are taking action. Waller, a law firm serving ten core industries and frequently advising clients and peer law firms on complex compliance issues, is using IntApp Wall Builder to satisfy core requirements of the 2013 HIPAA Omnibus Rule.

Said Waller Strategic Director of Information Services Doug Leins:
  • "Our firm has always paid close attention to the HIPAA/HITECH rules, as we advise multiple healthcare clients and peer law firms on their compliance and professional responsibility obligations. With the September HIPAA enforcement deadline rapidly approaching, we wanted to take additional steps to enhance our existing compliance measures. IntApp Wall Builder and Activity Tracker enable us to effectively respond to the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules by locking down and monitoring internal use of electronic PHI."
  • "We worked with the IntApp risk practice team to scope a software configuration best suited to address our HIPAA requirements without disrupting lawyer productivity. With clients increasingly asking detailed questions about compliance, and new rules that explicitly mandate stricter protocol, this is an issue that is here to stay."
Wall Builder is the most-adopted information security management software by law firms with 150 or more lawyers. According to an independent survey by the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA), 72% of large law firms using commercial software to enforce information access controls use IntApp Wall Builder.

IntApp Activity Tracker supplements these security capabilities by monitoring how lawyers and staff use sensitive information. It notifies management of suspect activities so that firms can resolve potential problems before they become crises or compliance violations.

Pat Archbold, Head of IntApp's Risk Practice Group added:
"We're delighted to highlight Waller's focused efforts to enhance compliance with the new HIPAA rules. By using Wall Builder and Activity Tracker to safeguard and monitor PHI, the firm is demonstrating its strong commitment to client service and compliance."

For more information, see the official news release, background on how the new HIPAA rules affect law firms, and our recorded panel webinar on compliance requirements and strategies.

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