Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Conflicts Allegations Making Mainstream News

(For those following or participating in the latest internet fads, with tongue in cheek, I note that this post will self destruct in 10 seconds...)

"Snapchat Founders Face New Twist In Legal Battle As Alleged Co-Founder Files To Disqualify Their Lawyers" --
  • "Reggie Brown claims to have co-founded Snapchat [a photo-sharing service provider, currently valued at $800 million by its investors, famous for automatically deleting images after a short viewing window], and in the latest twist to his suit against the company, he’s trying to disqualify its high-profile law firm. Brown filed motions in a Los Angeles court on Thursday to disqualify the law firm of Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan LLP (“Quinn Emanuel”) from representing Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Snapchat Inc."
  • "Brown alleges that he was advised by Anthony Alden, a Quinn Emanuel lawyer, on his case against Snapchat from November 2012 to January 2013. In April, Quinn Emanuel began defending Spiegel and Murphy after they replaced Cooley LLP for this case. Before Alden began representing Brown, Quinn Emanuel had Brown sign a waiver saying it did not represent him, but Brown says he and Alden did not limit their discussions, and he believed they were confidential communications between an attorney and client."
  • "'Mr. Brown signed a written contract saying Quinn Emanuel could represent the Snapchat defendants if we turned down his matter, provided the partner to whom he spoke was not involved in our representation of Snapchat,' Quinn Emanuel said in a company statement. “Mr. Alden has been ‘walled’ from the matter pursuant to that agreement.  It’s disappointing that Mr. Brown is refusing to honor his clear written promise to our firm.'"
UPDATE: Looks like the judge sided with Quinn: "The advantage [sic] waiver was satisfactory and effective under the circumstances... Furthermore, the court is satisfied that Alden has not had and will not have any improper communication with others at the firm concerning the litigation due to the timely and adequate ethical wall constructed by Quinn Emanuel."

"Steve Beshear's Son Representing Bluegrass Pipeline Company"
  • "Governor Steve Beshear's son is representing the company that has proposed building a natural gas liquids pipeline across Kentucky."
  • "Andrew Beshear is an attorney at law firm Stites & Harbison's Louisville office. As the State Journal in Frankfort reported earlier today, Boardwalk Pipeline Partners is a longtime client of the firm, and Andrew Beshear is working on the company's account."
  • "When asked about a possible conflict of interest, Kerri Richardson, communications director for the governor’s office, wrote in an email that the law firm Stites & Harbison, by which Andrew Beshear is employed, has represented the company for more than a decade."
  • "'We don’t see any issues with conflict of interest,' Richardson wrote. 'As a large legal firm, Stites & Harbison represents clients who sometimes have adverse interests to the Commonwealth.'"
  • Andrew Beshear said: "The Supreme Court of Kentucky has issued rules governing conflicts of interest for lawyers,” the governor’s son continued. “I am proud of how the lawyers in our firm carefully and vigilantly follow these rules. Neither I nor the firm have lobbied for this project. We were simply hired through a longtime client to provide legal services. Those services have been performed by more than a dozen lawyers."

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