Monday, September 9, 2013

ILTA Conference: Information Security & Data Privacy Sessions

Here are most sessions of interest from the recent International Legal Technology Association conference. The organizers very graciously post both slides and recordings of many of the sessions. This update focuses on information security.

Develop and Run Effective Security Awareness Training
A security consultant (Intapp's Adam Carlson), a CIO and a security officer will share what they've done to implement  security awareness programs. What should you do to educate users on the behaviors they should avoid and those they should embrace to make their firms more secure? Return home with some practical steps to implement your own security awareness training program.
[Slides] [Session Recording]

The FBI and Experts Present Security Updates and Strategies for Firms of All Sizes 
As business entities become more security-savvy, hackers look for easier avenues to steal intellectual property and disrupt business deals. Law firms have become a hacker's target of choice, and hundreds of attacks and infiltrations of law firm networks have been uncovered. Our discussion will focus on the impact of user behavior on security, including noncompliance with security measures, BYOD expectations, IT consumerization, wireless access and more. Firms of all sizes will take away practical risk mitigation strategies for immediate and future use, so you can make the case for implementation to your executive management.

Security? What's the Big Deal? Law Firm Security Basics for Non-Security People
Law firms all have the same security issues, but not all firms have a security manager/department. In the absence of security personnel, whose job is it? What do litigation support, HR, attorneys, records and other non-security personnel need to know in order to begin the process of improving their firm security posture? What are the basic security issues/topics for law firms? What are the basic tenets of security, and how do they impact your job? We are only as strong as our weakest link. Come learn how to build a stronger chain.
[Slides] [Session Recording]

Responding to a Security Breach
You think you’ve been hacked. But are you sure? How do you know? What do you do next? Our panel of experts will share their knowledge and first-hand experience of network investigations and show you how the attackers got in, how they could have been stopped, and what you need to know in case it happens to you.
[Slides] [Session Recording]

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