Monday, October 7, 2013

Legal Ethics & IT: Lawyer Email Management

Jeff Brandt, editor of the Pinhawk Law Technology Digest writes:
  • "Has your risk partner come to your recently telling you of the latest in ethic opinions that could impact your IT work flows or procedures? Have you sought out your risk partner recently to ask if there have been any ethics rulings that might influence your IT operations? Let's take for example your departing attorney routines. Upon their departure, do you delete their user account and let emails bounce back to clients as undelivered? If you operate in Philadelphia, you may want to review that process. If you're not sure, you may want to check in with the Bars that govern where you operate."
Read more: "Ethics: How To Handle A Departing Lawyer’s Email Account" --
  • "On the contrary, the Committee finds that it would problematic, and in violation of the law firm’s duties, to acquiesce to B’s request and just automate a bounceback reply, without actually reviewing the emails."
  • "It is made clear that any email “that is clearly meant for the departing attorney” must be forwarded to the departing attorney, and that the sender of the email must be informed of the departing attorney’s updated contact information."

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