Thursday, October 31, 2013

New Business Intake – Choosing the Right Software Approach

The latest issue of "Briefing," published by the UK-based Legal Support Network includes a an industry analysis feature on law firm business inception by Sam Suri of Intapp: "Outcomes-focused Business Intake."

She outlines the many trends putting pressures on firms to enhance business intake, lays out the risks and dangers of relying a general business process management (BPM) or workflow tools to address today’s evolving complexities, and then explores how software designed specifically for business acceptance and modern conflicts management needs provides firms with a competitive advantage:
  • "Selecting the right technology requires analysis and  foresight: demands for data-driven intelligence will grow, compliance obligations will evolve and the firm may change. Getting stuck with the wrong product could seriously impact the firm’s ability to stay competitive – choosing the right one will help the firm thrive as business needs evolve."
  • "When evaluating technologies to update NBI, firms should consider that the system will likely be in place for years, so it will need to support unforeseeable business and risk management challenges. It should empower the firm to make future changes on the fly to increase ownership and cost effectiveness."
  • "An unsuccessful BPM implementation could end up amplifying the risks it is supposed to mitigate. By contrast, when coupled with a services approach that’s attentive to the firm’s culture and process needs, the right technology can transform NBI into a fulcrum to drive business success and firm-wide compliance."
  • "Firms should look for technology built specifically for intake, which also entails situating intake into the overall matter lifecycle. As practically everyone in the firm engages in some way with intake, the right system can be a vehicle for inter-department synergy and collaboration. And by enabling firms to take on the right clients, address their requirements,  protect their confidentiality and staff their matters accurately, the right NBI technology enables firms to address the SRA’s core principle – that firms focus first and foremost on client success."
See the complete article for more detail.

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