Tuesday, November 12, 2013

More Law Firm Conflicts in the Public Eye

"City officials dismiss outside legal counsel in LP&L investigation, citing conflict of interest" --
  • "After only a week and a half of investigation, a perceived conflict of interest prompted city officials to dismiss Andrews Kurth, the law firm Lubbock Power & Light’s governing body hired to conduct an investigation of LP&L’s 2019 power supply search."
  • "'...due to the fact that the firm currently serves as bond counsel to the city of Lubbock,' reads a statement LP&L released Friday afternoon, Nov. 1."
  • "However, Mayor Glen Robertson said he had reservations about hiring the firm from the beginning, and the potential conflict of interest was pointed out to LP&L’s general council, Todd Kimbrough, before the board voted on the issue."
"Outgoing chairman vows to steer clear of law firm's business, but others fear conflicts of interest" --
  • "The outgoing chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission today said that despite having already announced he will join a law firm, he can avoid conflicts of interest until the White House nominates his replacement -- something sources say could take a long time."
  • "Jon Wellinghoff said he has for months recused himself from all cases involving clients of Portland, Ore.-based law firm Stoel Rives LLP, where he plans to work after stepping down from leading the agency."
  • "The chairman also said he will continue to recuse himself from such cases until he leaves the agency, and that all of his actions have been cleared by FERC's Ethics Office."
  • "But agency watchers said the situation raises ethical issues... Some observers said the situation is 'somewhat uncomfortable' because Wellinghoff could work on policies that could affect the firm's clients."

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