Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lane Powell Leverages Multiple Intapp Products to Respond to Client Information Security Requirements and Address HIPAA Compliance


Lane Powell, a multi-specialty law firm with offices across the Pacific Northwest and in the United Kingdom, is using Intapp Wall Builder to centralize and automate confidentiality controls across multiple firm software applications and Intapp Activity Tracker to alert firm management of suspicious activity on sensitive information.

The firm has enhanced security measures to address HIPAA compliance requirements and satisfy information security audits from clients, especially those in the financial services industry.

Said the Firm's Manager of Information Technology, David Fairchild:
  • "The recent surge in client audits, along with the 2013 HIPAA data privacy and security mandates, is forcing all law firms to take information security more seriously."
  • "Our firm is working closely with clients to ensure that internal policies and practices meet their specific requirements. We decided to adopt Wall Builder as a core component of our information security strategy because the product is an industry standard that allows us to demonstrate a best-practices approach to clients."
Intapp Wall Builder is a web-based information security and confidentiality management software application that enables organizations to centrally control and report on user access permissions across multiple applications, including document management, accounting, portal, CRM, time entry and records management systems. It also automates notifications to individuals subject to specific policies and tracks acknowledgments for compliance purposes.

Wall Builder is the most-adopted information security management software by law firms with 150 or more lawyers. According to an independent survey by the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA), 72% of large law firms using commercial software to enforce information access controls use Intapp Wall Builder.

Intapp Activity Tracker supplements these security capabilities by monitoring how lawyers and staff use sensitive information. It notifies management of suspect activities so that firms can resolve potential problems before they become crises or compliance violations.

Noted the Firm's Enterprise Applications Manager, Tim Lozensky:
  • "After evaluating several options, we selected Wall Builder because it delivers extensive security management capabilities with an easy-to-use, consumer-grade interface that addresses the needs of both technical IT and non-technical risk staff."
  • "Wall Builder is the tool we needed to centralize our access control policies for securing client protected health information (PHI) and Activity Tracker enables us to monitor information usage to detect any suspicious activity that may signify a security breach. Both capabilities are central to the technical and administrative requirements of the HIPAA Security Rule."

Visit Intapp.com for more information on how Intapp enhances law firm information security, to learn more about HIPAA compliance for law firms, or to request more information and a demonstration.http://www.intapp.com/solutions/risk-management/compliance/hitech-hipaa

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