Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Laterals are Coming! (On Lawyer Onboarding Best Practices)

We've often highlighted risk and compliance issues tied to lateral hiring. This month's Peer to Peer Magazine from ILTA features an excellent article by Leigh Isaacs, Director of Records & Information Management, and Patricia Sievers, Records manager, at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliff on practicalities and best practices for successfully navigating a bevy of associated issues: "The Laterals Are Coming! Making Onboarding Easier" --
  • "Our firm has just spent a lot of money and many hours wooing this new partner; the last thing we information governance professionals want to do is tarnish this blossoming relationship by appearing disorganized and unprepared. We also recognize that while we are focused on quick access and efficiency, we must consider the significant risk that surrounds the intake of new client information."
  • "Common questions must be answered: Have the new clients/matters cleared conflicts? What type of information are we receiving, and where should it be imported? How can we ensure we are compliant with the firm’s policies? At Orrick, we have successfully implemented some processes to increase efficiency, minimize costs and mitigate risk during onboarding."
  • "The successful and smooth transition of a new partner’s client(s) into an organization takes pre-planning, interdepartmental collaboration and communication, and a set of tried-and-true protocols, policies, FAQs and checklists that have been made available to all interested stakeholders."
See the complete article for more detail and advice on pre-planning, coordinating cross-functional execution, and leveraging questionnaires and checklists to streamline operations, reduce risk and support prudent information governance.

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