Thursday, May 22, 2014

Law Firm Information Security Summit

Set for June 11-12 in Lombard, IL, ILTA's annual law firm information security summit always provides food for thought and ample opportunities for peer networking and exchange. (Anyone who's been exposed to ILTA already knows the effort they put into their programs and standard of quality they hold themselves to.)

Learn more at their event web site. The keynote should be of special interest:

  • The Soft Underbelly of Corporate America? Law Firms and the Cybersecurity Threat MatrixEach day we hear about another data breach in the news. More personally identifiable information (PII) and account information is being siphoned out of respected companies.

    What about our intellectual property, our trade secrets and other business capital? Oftentimes, the easiest place to attack is when the data is outside the walls of the owner — in many cases at their law firm.

    During our keynote, we will walk through the cybersecurity threat matrix and its evolution, discuss how various state and federal laws drive forward controls that may or may not help protect our data, and the role of active defense and intelligence.

    Attendees will learn what programs and controls will position their firms for success in assurance reviews, certifications and competing for business.

    Together we will explore this topic — as you hear from someone who has worn the hats of law firm counsel, chief privacy officer, chief security officer and chief compliance officer — so we can operationalize against this threat.
Intapp's Kathryn Hume (of Risk Roundtable fame) will also be leading a panel worth watching, featuring Michael Aginsky (CTO of Gibbons P.C.) and Galina Datskovsky (noted information governance expert):
  • Don't Believe the Hype! What Data Leak Prevention Solutions Can and CAN'T DoCan you identify and restrict unwarranted attempts to copy or transmit sensitive information, deliberately or inadvertently (and generally by personnel who are authorized to access the sensitive information)? Take an in-depth look at best practices for implementing enterprise and point solutions for data leak prevention (DLP) as we cover the Web, email gateways, networks and mobile devices, and the mechanisms used to secure them. There's a lot of talk about what DLP solutions protect's time the hype be laid to rest.

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