Monday, June 16, 2014

Legal Industry Consultants Ally to Improve Law Firm New Business Intake

"Project Leadership Associates and HardingLowe Announce Partnership to Provide Consulting and Implementation Services for Intapp Open" --

Project Leadership Associates (PLA), the largest business and technology consulting firm focused on the legal market, and HardingLowe, a boutique strategy and management consultancy serving top-tier law firms, have teamed up to implement Intapp Open, a true New Business Intake (NBI) application for law firms. 

The partnership combines PLA’s holistic expertise in defining NBI and conflicts strategy, processes and best practice and delivering NBI systems to dozens of law firms over the past 10 years, with HardingLowe’s specialty in law firm process and business integration, along with its deep NBI experience.  Intapp has selected the PLA-HardingLowe team to be a preferred implementation provider for Intapp Open.

Said Michael Lowe, HardingLowe President --
  • "This partnership was born from the realization that law firms need a holistic solution to NBI – one that combines changes to policies, people, processes, and technologies. We saw in each other the opportunity to offer that complete solution, as well as the scale and reach to serve all sizes of firms in all regions of the country. Together, we have the best positioning and experience in the global legal marketplace."
Said Dan Safran, PLA Executive Vice President, Legal Solutions -- 
  • "Having worked with a majority of the NBI technology leaders over the past decade, we believe that Intapp Open offers the superior NBI technology today, and we are very pleased that Intapp has selected the PLA-HardingLowe team  as implementation partners.  We are already delivering Intapp Open to top-tier, mid-sized and small firms, and have built the tools and methodologies necessary to enable these firms to gain the most benefit from their technology investment in an expedited and cost effective manner."

Said Dan Tacone, Intapp President --
  • "Many firms are using Intapp Open as part of a broader strategy to transform their new business intake and conflicts management processes. Intapp Open streamlines new matter inception, as well as client and matter evaluation – all while ensuring alignment with firm-wide business objectives."
  • "Partners such as PLA and HardingLowe offer insight into best practices that can be adapted to the needs of individual firms. We’re excited about the momentum behind Intapp Open, and welcome the collaboration of two of our preferred implementation and consulting partners in supporting the success of our customer community."

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