Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Risk Updates: Law Firm Privilege, Client Relationships

"Oregon Supreme Court holds conversations within law firm are privileged in malpractice case against the law firm" --

"Law firm stayed on McDonnell case despite being let go, newly released invoices show" --
  • "The private law firm representing current and former Virginia employees in the federal corruption case against the state’s former governor never stopped working for their clients or billing for their services — even as Attorney General Mark R. Herring (D) announced in January that he was letting the firm go, according to recently released invoices."
  • "The day after Herring announced in a news release that he was dismissing Baker & McKenzie, those at the firm spent more than an hour corresponding with clients 'regarding continued representation' — and billed the state accordingly, the invoices show. The firm continued to work throughout January, February, March and April, charging the state a little more than $23,600, the invoices show."
  • "Kelly said that Herring cut ties with Baker & McKenzie 'because the conflict the previous attorney general had did not apply to him.' The governor, though, decided that their services were necessary to spare state employees the potentially 'exorbitant' cost of hiring their own attorneys, according to Coy and the invoices."

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