Thursday, June 19, 2014

Webinar Recording: Lateral Moves & Hacking - Addressing Information Risk

We saw tremendous interest in the recent webinar produced with ILTA (Anomalies, Hacks and Lateral Moves: Monitor & Address Information Risks). A recording of the session is now online and available for viewing.

This session featured two law firm speakers and presented an overview of how Intapp information security software enables firms to control and monitor use of sensitive information, enabling intervention early enough to prevent unwanted outcomes).
  • Client guidelines and security audits mandate that firms have visibility into who does what with their data, new regulations like HIPAA require activity monitoring on personally identifiable information, lawyers increasingly use unsanctioned cloud tools without notifying IT and, with lateral movement on the rise, firm management needs a means to identify unauthorized activity to avert potential problems.
  • In this session, we will explore how firms can leverage technology to monitor and address information risks. Hear from panelists who will present diverse perspectives, ranging from cyber insurance and regulatory trends to process and technical best practices.

On this same topic, John  Guyer, Director of Information Technology at Hinckley Allen, wrote in noting that recent best practices released by the Department of Homeland Security: "Combating Insider Threat" recommend that those managing price sensitive and insider information leverage this class of software to: "Build a baseline based on volume, velocity, frequency and amount based on hourly, weekly, and monthly normal patterns."

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