Sunday, July 27, 2014

More on Security: ISO 27001 and GRC for Law Firms

Previously, we noted that ILTA has posted the recordings of several sessions at their recent Law Firm Information Security Symposium (LegalSEC). Here are more relevant and interesting sessions:

ISO 27001 for Law Firms
ISO 27001 can be a powerful tool for law firms interested in demonstrating information security maturity to both their firm management and clients. Whether you plan to get certified or just leverage ISO 27001 standards, this session will provide information on how the standard can benefit your organization and help you respond to client outside counsel guidelines and security audits.

A 360-Degree Look at eGRC
A paradigm shift is happening in regard to enterprise governance, risk and compliance (eGRC) — we want to be proactive instead of reactive. Legacy and siloed approaches no longer will be successful. Organizations need to plan and implement GRC efforts that are truly "enterprise" and involve all key players and departments in a coordinated organization-wide effort. What does it take to have a successful implementation of a systematic, well-planned, coordinated enterprise approach? What are the overall benefits?

Learn more about the overarching goals of an eGRC program and how it can improve strategic and timely decision-making, enhance the focus and effectiveness of internal audits, and assist in identifying key performance metrics and risk indicators. No angles here...we're giving you a 360-degree look!

What To Do When (Not If) Data Breaches Occur
When security threats emerge, quick response is imperative to contain risk and protect data assets. Often, the expertise and pace with which an event is managed can make as much media buzz as the data breach itself. Come walk through a mock data breach incident and see how well-defended law firms and corporate legal departments are those that prepare for the unexpected.

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