Thursday, September 25, 2014

IP Matters: Navigating a Complex Conflicts Landscape

Law firms with IP practices normally develop separate matter and risk management processes to prosecute and litigate patents, trademarks and copyrights for their clients. Speed to matter opening is critical, particularly in competitive situations.

But with IP matters frequently cross multiple jurisdictions, firms often struggle to develop efficient practices to open matter families across international jurisdictions and track progress throughout the matter lifecycle.

And IP practices face other unique challenges, including the need to manage subject matter conflicts. These arise when a firm simultaneously prosecutes patents for two different clients whose inventions or technology could merit the same or similar patent.

Identifying a subject matter conflict requires more nuanced and detailed analysis than standard ethical conflict. Firms are often forced to painstakingly examine information scattered across information repositories to identify a conflict, or leave the decision in the hands of lawyers familiar with the practice.

Both approaches invite risks and errors that could potentially generate costly litigation.

Intapp Open specifically addresses the complex and evolving intake landscape. It provides a modern workflow interface and data integration capabilities that make it easy for IP lawyers and staff to open patent matter families across jurisdictions.

The software enables firms to include patent and subject matter information in standard conflicts searches (including data integrated from systems including CPI and PATSY), grouping patent families together for faster resolution and alerting the firm of the hits with the highest risk. And it centralizes financial, ethical and subject matter into a single application to encourage risk management decisions that support firm strategy.

Read more at and access an abridged recording of the recent webinar on IP Conflicts management, featuring a law firm case study (Lathrop & Gage) and insights from legal ethics maven Bill Frievogel, and expert IP management consultant, Chris Kave (Aurora North).

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