Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New Business Intake – Unlocking New Potential

Very interesting essay at 3 Geeks and a Law Blog on new opportunities for enhancing new business intake by incorporating new data, new process and new insight: "We Cannot Keep New Business Intake In a Vacuum" --
  • "Very little in the NBI reform/reinvention process is about better data. It focuses more on faster input of information to speed up the time to open a new matter, thus creating a faster turnaround on when attorneys can start (legally) billing time to a matter."
  • "Many of us depend upon the information gathered in the NBI process. Toby's group [pricing and project management] attempts to analyze matter budgeting, matter management, and costs to take on a matter using details gathered in the NBI process. Marketing uses the data gather during the NBI process to determine big matters for Public Relations news releases, and submissions to third parties like Chambers. Business Development uses this information to determine what types of work the firms is strong and weak. Conflicts uses the information to determine what work we may not be able to take on in the future. Incomplete, or bad information gathered during NBI can have a long-range negative impact on the firm."
  • "I'm reminded of a post we did a couple years ago on firms needing to do After-Action Reviews for matters. If we don't ask ourselves what happened, and how can we get better, we tend to continue to act in a similar fashion (good or bad) in the future. If we misidentify information, and never incentivize partners to correct that information, we'll continue to misidentify."
  • "Most firms have absolutely no incentives for partners to identify when information gathered during NBI process needs to be clarified or corrected. We also give almost no incentives to close matters. Yet, both of those processes are key pieces in our quest to better know our clients (KYC), gather BI/CI information, assist in identifying cross-selling opportunities, and gathering historical information to better plan how we price and staff similar matters in the future. I would think that the return on investment in beefing up a mid-matter review (MMR), and the closing matter process (CMP) would be substantial."
  • "Perhaps we stop thinking of the New Business Intake in a vacuum. Instead we combine the NBI, MMR, and CMP into an overall process of cradle-to-grave matter management. The NBI is step-one, and should be improved to help speed up the process of getting matters opened, conflicts checked, people assigned, and have the firm start working on behalf of a client. But it is step one only. If we ever want to leverage our prior work in order to improve or gain new work, then the NBI cannot be the first and only step."
Of course, Intapp is enthusiastically on this path, integrating intake, conflicts and other information flows directly into the act of new business inception – under an ambitious vision of "new business acceptance." That vision includes providing lawyers with an interface and experience (including mobile access) that encourages them to provide critical data at the point of entry.

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