Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Session Recordings: KM vs. Security Shootout (and More)

The folks at ILTA always do an amazing job at their annual conference, producing panels and seminars on a variety of topics, including IT, finance, risk and more. In keeping with their mission to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange, they kindly share recordings of many of those presentations.

We'll be bringing you several risk-related recordings of note, starting with:

KM and Security and Compliance: Fist Fight or Compromise?
  • Clients demand compliance with strict information security guidelines vis-à-vis protection of legal work product. But the "need to know" security model could hinder information access and collaborative KM processes, including, but not limited to, accessibility of enterprise search. Clients are under regulatory pressures and are cracking down on what they consider lackadaisical law firm security. Is there a right balance or compromise that can address the concerns of all involved — clients, KM and security officers? Come watch the fight unfold!
  • Prioritizing and implementing information security initiatives within the law firm environment can be next to impossible without full buy-in and support from senior firm management. In addition, while many IT security personnel have expert knowledge on how to design, build and deploy the best security-based technology available, many lack the business insight required to identify what is most important from an overall information security risk perspective.
  • Three law firms (Foley & Lardner, Ropes & Gray, and Blank Rome) will share how they've been successful in shifting some or all of the strategic focus, decision-making and prioritization of information security initiatives from the IT department and into the hands of firm business leaders.
  • Our speakers will share some of the tools, techniques and approaches they’ve used to help make this important transition within their firms. 

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