Wednesday, November 19, 2014

White Paper: Law Firm Information Security & Confidentiality - Managing the Delicate Balance

ILTA's recently published Fall White Paper features an article on the increasingly complex challenge of balancing compliance vs. convenience when it comes to law firm information security.
Co-authored by Rudy Moliere (Director of Records & Information at Morgan Lewis) and Mohit Thawani (Head of the Information Security Practice Group at Intapp), the article explores how firms can approach the trade offs between tightly controlling access to the sensitive internal information (which is increasingly distributed across offices, devices and even in third-party cloud services) and enabling lawyers and staff to be effective and avoid unnecessary barriers, overhead and inconvenience.
To understand the Benjamin Franklin featured in the clip art, read on in: "Information Security and the Spirit of Compromise" --
  • "A security program that includes more stringent controls will inevitably have some impact on lawyer and staff behavior, habits and productivity. Everyone must understand how an innocent mistake could have drastic consequences."
  • "They must also make informed decisions on how much risk the firm is willing to accept to maintain normal levels of productivity, and, conversely, how great a hit on efficiency the firm can accept to achieve a desired level of security."
  • "As security becomes a business issue, IT and security professionals must also adapt their approach, doing less watching around the perimeter and more negotiating with those inside it about the level of security required."
  • "There is no better way to do that than to align security with firm strategy, to remind leadership that today's clients expect strong controls and will readily take their work to another firm with a more confident security posture."

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