Monday, April 6, 2015

Looking at Lateral Trends from Multiple Angles

An interesting slice of stories on laterals to share today, from several perspectives. First comes the client voice: "Newegg CLO: Lawyers Matter, Law Firms Don’t" --
  • "As it becomes more common for lawyers to hop between firms, corporate counsel are increasingly making decisions about whether to continue working with a firm or an individual lawyer. For Lee Cheng, chief legal officer at online retailer Newegg, Inc., the choice is simple: The lawyer, not the law firm is important."
  • "My philosophy and the philosophy of a growing number of in-house counsel, is that we hire lawyers, not law firms. As long as they demonstrate the same level of care, we are platform agnostic. The most important criteria is: Will they be able to continue to do the work that we hire them to do?"
Next, firm management, in the form of a video:

Paul Hastings Chairman Seth Zachary: "Zachary discusses his firm's approach to hiring laterals. He breaks down the code words of lateral hiring and explains why he'll walk away from a $20 million lawyer."

And, finally, another example of a lateral move making news: "Dechert Paris partner Mayer quits firm citing conflicts" -- 
  • "Dechert arbitration partner Pierre Mayer is quitting the firm’s Paris office to set up his own practice, citing his reasons for leaving as increasing conflicts of interest and a wish to focus on working as an arbitrator."
  • "He said that increasing numbers of conflicts of interest was one of the reasons for leaving Dechert. 'It's three times out of four that I have to refuse cases because there’s a conflict of interest,' Mayer said, adding that these conflicts were both actual and potential, commercial conflicts."
  • "He said that the problem had increased as Dechert had become more global and because the firm had toughened up its stance on commercial conflicts, notably in the energy sector where it was looking to protect existing and future clients."

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