Monday, May 11, 2015

In Conversation: The Business Case for Investing in Business Acceptance (or How to Succeed in Business Intake with a Bit of Trying)

Here's another interview piece: "Intapp In Conversation – Business Acceptance: The Case for Investment" -- James Perkin, COO at Procopio sits down with Pat Archbold, head of Intapp's risk practice group. Jim discusses the drivers behind his firm's decision to invest in enhancing intake and conflicts management.

Topics include:
  • Efficiency drivers
  • The lawyer experience
  • Supporting AFAs and pricing initiatives
  • Product evaluation considerations
  • Benefits of a best-of-breed solution vs. bundled practice management tools


  • Pat:
    • "Good point about looking at the overall picture. I think in many case intake projects have been led by people in the risk. The historical question is 'Can we take this on?' and maybe not 'Should we take it on?'"
    • "Traditional workflow tools focus on routing a form from Point A to Point B, but they don't really leverage that underlying data both from an efficiency perspective, and to support the strategic use of information, like for pricing."
  • Jim:
    • "I think all firms are looking for the holy grail of a system that pulls everything together and works together seamlessly. Our philosophy is to get the best in breed in each area. That can be accounting, that could be conflicts, client intake, etcetera. That's been our approach."
    • "We looked at best in breed and the way Intapp integrates intake and conflicts. And we made the decision that we would have both modules under one roof, as opposed to two separate entities. So we’re now moving conflicts from Elite into Intapp over the next six to eight months."
    • "As far as in what we're using and from a financial point of view, I think we've got to have our intake smarter. We actually look at accounts receivable now."
    • "We selected Intapp Open because we want to do this more efficiently while also have a lot more direct control over the software versus a system like Metastorm."
    • "We want to get ahead of the game by knowing how we can price based on history through the database because we all understand a lot of the clients are ahead of us on this through their e-billing systems. They're coming to us and telling what we can charge for a matter. I think we're all trying to catch up quite fast on how to get ourselves ahead of the game here."
The complete article is definitely worth a read..

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