Thursday, June 30, 2016

WEBINAR: Managing External Vendor Risk (Drivers, Trends & Approaches)

Here's an upcoming webinar, on a timely topic, which may be of interest: Vendor Procurement, Risk and Relationship Management.

Jointly produced by Intapp and HBR Consulting, this event will explore the various factors causing firms to pay even closer attention to the way they select, evaluate and manager their external vendors. (Client information security mandates are just one of several drivers.)

Scott Springer and Mark Denner from HBR will review industry trends and how innovative approaches, supported by new technology, enable firms to streamline procurement, evaluate vendors and address increasingly stringent client and industry requirements.

They will also review the vendor lifecycle and demonstration of HBR Consulting's procurement management solutions, built leveraging Intapp Flow to manage the entire vendor lifecycle, including:
  •     Evaluation & on-boarding
  •     Information security review
  •     Performance monitoring
  •     Audit & compliance
  •     Off-boarding
(They've nicknamed it "NVI." V for vendor, in the same way firms have an "NBI" approach for business.)

Attendance is limited. For more detail and to request an invitation, please visit the webinar registration page.

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