Thursday, February 23, 2017

VIDEO: Firm Case Study (Business Intake, Conflicts, Confidentiality & Security Management)

Here's a new video featuring Ivo Nikolov, CIO at Davies on his firm's adoption of business intake, conflicts management and confidentiality/information security solutions. Not a bad way to spend nine minutes:

Intapp Open — for Business Acceptance

  • "We felt that having compared our options, Intapp Open was the best alternative to Aderant or any other of your competitors... We love Intapp and we're a customer because we believe that what you have is the idea of taking development work out of the hands of the client and making it your priority and your responsibility."
  • "A lot of people have done away with coding in-house because of you. I mean, we've never felt that it makes sense to have inside development on a massive scale but this is proof that you're doing it right and this is the direction that the rest of the industry is going."
Intapp Walls — Serious Security
  • "Security is a big deal for us and as you know we implemented Wall Builder [Intapp Walls] years ago firm-wide. Again, it's a set it and forget it kind of solution because we don't have to develop anything. It's all developed. It just makes sense."
  • "Every client that we talk to wants to know how we secure their documents, the crown jewels, as it were... We've had tools before. We've had home-grown. Two or three before. Nothing compares."
On Intapp
  • "We have the experience from everything that we've acquired before, whether it's Intapp Time or Intapp Walls. The first one was Intapp Integrate... We've been adding these products because they just make sense. You have a core infrastructure in the middle, all of these products draw on it."
  • "Many tools on the market are overly complicated and inflexible, and leave a lot to be desired from the user experience point of view... Intapp is a first-class vendor that always delivers to a very high standard."

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