Monday, February 6, 2017

VIDEO: Firm Case Study (LegalKEY Migration, Security and OCGs)

Here's a new video featuring Lisa Mayo, Director of Data Management and Ballard Spahr on her firm's journey to improve risk management.

This discussion includes discussion of the firm's migration from the legacy LegalKEY conflicts tool (the risks associated with we've covered) to a modern conflicts management solution, and the pursuit of industry best practices for information security by adopting sophisticated confidentiality lifecycle management software.

Intapp Open — Modern Conflicts
  • "We were on a very old version of LegalKEY. We were on version 3. LegalKEY had been purchased by OpenText. They weren't really putting out any new releases, and so based on the maintenance that it would take if we needed a new report — we would have to call, spec the report out, wait for a developer to build it — it just was an older product. We needed to move to a more modern tool with a modern infrastructure and something that would respond to our needs more quickly."
  • "What we found with Intapp Open was that it would provide us with a framework to be able to maintenance the system ourselves, so instead of waiting for a developer to write a report that was part of the executable, now we had the power to create the reports ourselves. If we needed to make modifications to forms or even the workflow, we now had the power to do that ourselves. It was a logical choice for us."
  • "In addition, with the conflicts system, there were a lot of features that we could take advantage of, such as the Dun & Bradstreet integration, Hoover's integration, and so that's what lead us to purchase the tool. We've been very happy with it."
Intapp Open — Future Value
  • "We are also looking at Intapp Terms in purchasing and implementing that tool, what we find is that we often get very voluminous outside counsel guidelines. Those have to be scanned in, but what we've found is that the continual maintenance, where someone's actually looking at those terms and making sure they're being enforced, that's too separated from the intake."
  • "By including Terms as a part of our intake, we hope to have those alerts to be easily notified when a term is being violated, a clause is being violated, and we also like the fact that with Terms, we're going to be able to have a central repository. It's not in someone's head who's working on the case and forgets to connect with accounting or connect with another administrative group. With the centralized repository, we'll be able to audit the terms against what's actually happening and be able to make sure that we're 100 percent compliant with what those outside counsel guidelines are."
On Intapp
  • "We know that Intapp is customer-focused, so it's not just the sales organization. They're focused on having customer support staff that are actually following up with us on a regular basis and again, seeing what our ongoing needs are and maintaining that relationship."
  • "I would say that really when you're working with Intapp, the company, you form a personal relationship with whoever your salesperson is. We see each other at different conferences, whether it's ILTA or Insight. You're greeted with a hug. You really build that relationship. They come to know what's important to your firm, what your needs are, and then they can respond in kind with solutions that will make your life easier."

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