Wednesday, April 26, 2017

WEBINAR: Replace LegalKEY & ARM. Budget for FileTrail

Our expert risk consulting colleagues at InOutsource are co-hosting a webinar on replacing LegalKEY and ARM (FileSurf) records management systems.

We've covered some of the risks associated with legacy systems. For firms looking to plot a migration strategy, this session offers new insights and advice:

"Replace LegalKEY and ARM. Budget for FileTrail" --
  • LegalKEY and ARM (aka FileSurf) have come to an end. They will no longer be developed or the systems and servers will no longer be properly supported.
  • It’s time to change. FileTrail, a 100% browser-based solution, is the most modern and developed platform in legal. Designed to be deployed and operational in months, it includes:

    • Integrations with multiple Document Management Systems and the Intapp suite
    • New updates and features released every quarter – included in cost of maintenance
    • On-premise and cloud options
    • Process management and workflow tools that go way beyond circulating files
Join InOutsource, FileTrail’s implementation partner in legal, as they demonstrate FileTrail’s robust functionality.

To sign up, visit their registration page.

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