Wednesday, May 24, 2017

EVENT: New York Risk Roundtable

Our next Risk Roundtable event will take place on Thursday, June 8th at the office of Shearman & Sterling LLP.

Centralizing Your Business Inception Process: Who, Why, What, How, When
  • More and more firms are looking to take the burden of conflicts review off of the shoulders of their fee earners. Some firms have been resistant to move this direction based on the assumption that the lawyer knows best. With the increasing amount of factors to consider and pressure to respond quickly, the winds of change appear to be blowing in the direction of a centralized clearance team.
  • The financial impact of freeing time for lawyers to do more billable work or pursue business development activities is of interest to most firms. The challenge of effectively staffing and making the transition to a new model can be frightening at the same time.
  • This roundtable intends to focus on these challenges by discussing and presenting real world experiences in making the move. We will be sharing ideas, best practices and technology tips to use when your firm is considering a move to a more centralized process.  Topics to be discussed include:
    • What clearance model works best for your team, and who should be involved
    • How to present the right information in context
    • What is the end result of the move and how did it benefit your lawyers
    • When is the best time to start thinking about other decisions in the new business process
And, as always, we’ll have plenty of time for open discussion, peer exchange and networking. Attendance is by invitation only and is limited to qualified law firms and personnel. Please contact for more details.

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