Thursday, June 29, 2017

Video Update: Inception Retrospection

As US readers get ready for a brief July 4th break, I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who joined us for Inception17 last month. The event grew 40% over 2016, with great participation and passion from the risk community.
Special shouts outs to:
  • Really everyone in the community who made the journey, helped produce content, sat on panels and posed probing questions driving the dialogue
  • Attendees at our session on AML compliance. (For pitching in "bucket brigade style" to move dozens of chairs a few rooms over, when the hotel flagged that the overflowing room was a bit of an issue, should the fire marshal come knocking -- talk about risk management in practice!)
  • The few that snuck up and attempted the secret risk blog handshake. (That really made my week. >smile<)
Here's a three minute highlight video featuring many familiar faces and key highlights from the experience:

(It's pretty slick.)

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