Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Client Selection & PR Risk (or "The Scarlett Firm" Effect?)

We've talked in the past about client selection and PR risk (independent of ethical/conflicts risk).

Here's an excerpt from a story posted a few days ago in a well read legal news publication. You probably know the one. They break a lot of inside news, and are never shy about being provocative.

However, the provocative tone of their editor-in-chief's writing on recent developments (tied to broader, real, mainstream news relating to recent demonstrations, and associated free speech issues), certainly raised eyebrows.

In this case, the hypothetical potential of two "name brand" law firms to take on clients earns the negative ink:

It's a very interesting question -- to what extent does (or can) current (or recent) client work, public spotlight on that representation, or other attention and controversy affect the reputation of firms, regardless of their actual activity, the merit of that work, etc?

Not an original question. But certainly on several minds. And definitely relevant in the context of large organizations advancing discussions about client evaluation, review and governance risk.

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