Monday, June 28, 2010

Risks Tied to Law Firm and Lawyer Use of Social Media and Social Networking Sites

We've explored risks, surprises and evolving thinking tied to law firm and lawyer use of social networking and new communications technologies in the past. While these tools create new opportunities for firm growth and success [see here and here], a few recent articles remind us of the new risks and challenges these technologies create:
  • Minimizing the Legal Risks of Using Online Social Networks -- provides a good checklist of legal issues those who use social networking sites (or allow/encourage firm personnel to do so) should consider.
  • Social Networks Pose E-Discovery Risks  -- Explores discovery risks and challenges these new tools create. The article includes a summary commissioned by Deloitte of 337 U.S. IT, legal, risk, and compliance professionals.
  • Over the web, loose lips can sink more than ships -- Paints a hypothetical story to highlight how simple mistakes can compound to create serious problems. In this case, a lawyer's "fat fingers" publish confidential information not meant for wide distribution and open the door to several serious problems and potential liability...

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