Friday, October 22, 2010

SRA Code of Conduct Revision -- Final Issue Paper and Call for Comment Online

The SRA just published an issue paper that presents its final call for consultation and input as it moves to publish an updated regulatory framework which will going into effect next year: "This consultation is the last opportunity for comments on the SRA's new Handbook which will underpin the regulation of solicitors and law firms from October 2011."

The paper includes additional proposed changes to the SRA Code of Conduct and other rules. To date, the SRA has received 83 formal responses by affected and interested parties to its past calls for input.

Antony Townsend, Chief Executive of the SRA, stated: "Our programme to transform regulation remains on track for 2011. The reforms will help us identify and concentrate on the areas of highest risk, help firms focus on the quality of service to consumers, and bring greater flexibility for well-managed firms, enabling them to deliver services in ways suited to their clients and type of business."

See the SRA web site for the complete issue paper, and instructions on how to submit a formal response for consideration.

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