Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Risk Roundup: Records Management

  • Records Mangement Survey Underway -- The Risk Roundtable initiative is conducting a survey of AmLaw 100 firms to assess current and planned law firm records retention policies, related technologies and other facets of information lifecycle management. A report containing aggregate results will be distributed to participants. If you or someone from your firm is interested, please email: info@riskroundtable.com for more information. (This particular exercise should take 10-15 minutes to complete.)
  • Lateral Movement: Addressing Client and Firm Records Information -- Interesting article in Law Technology News on controlling information flow when lawyers leave the firm: "Can Departing Lawyers Take the Data and Run?" The article presents a good summary of current thinking on handling of client and firm information (including firm form and precendent documents): "One result of this uncertainty is that firms that hire laterally moving lawyers are increasingly taking very great care before accepting data "dumps" by those lawyers when they arrive at the new firm."

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