Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Information Security News and Trends

A few interesting surveys shed light on trends in the corporate world, raising issues and risks that may apply in the legal realm as well.

First comes a report from "The 6th Annual 'Global Trust, Security and Passwords Survey,' a result of interviews with 820 IT managers and C-level professionals across North America and EMEA."

One analyst succinctly summarized key findings: "Employees Admit They'd Walk Out With Stolen Data If Fired" --
  • "Just under half of 820 respondents admitted if they were fired tomorrow, they'd walk out with proprietary data such as privileged password lists, company databases, R&D plans and financial reports -- even though they know they are not entitled to it."
  • "Given that admission, it's no surprise 71 percent believe the insider threat is the priority security concern and poses the most significant business risk. As such enterprise executives says they are rethinking their security strategy"
  • Other findings include
    • 45 percent said they have access to information on a system that is not relevant to their role
    • 42 percent indicated they or a colleague have used admin passwords to access information that was otherwise confidential
    • 55 percent believe competitors have received their company’s highly sensitive information or intellectual property - a significant increase from years past
Unfortunately, another survey proclaims: "Talking About Security Bores the Boss, Survey Shows"
  • "The survey also found that while CEOs tended to see the biggest threat as coming from outside the company, CISOs worried more about internal threats from negligent employees."
  • "CEOs were apparently unified in their candor about not knowing enough on the subject: 65 percent said they didn’t have enough information on the topic to really understand how security problems might threaten the overall business."

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