Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Legal Industry Developing Information Security Model

Evan Koblentz at Law Technology News writes about the International Legal Technology Association's efforts to push industry information security standards forward, connecting with Robert DuBois, IT Director at Devine Millimet, who serves as liaison between ILTA's LegalSEC initiative and its board of directors: "ILTA Developing Law Firm Security Model."
  • "Law firm security has been a prominent topics for several years. Its spotlight grew bright in January after reports of FBI officials meeting with top New York law firms and of hackers from China targeting Toronto firms Blake, Cassels & Graydon and Stikeman Elliott."
  • "Volunteers participating in LegalSEC include experts from law firms and legal technology companies such as IntApp, along with security research clearinghouse IANS and training specialist SANS, DuBois said. "The initiative is really to help the firms not spend countless hours recreating documents, procedures, policies, and processes that other firms have already done," he said. Until recently, "We were not really compliance-driven. But now we're being compliance-driven by clients," he noted."
  • IntApp's Pat Archbold, vice president of risk management, said his company's law firm clients are clamoring for the type of information LegalSEC aims to provide. "At the end of the day law firms do things for one of two reasons. Either they get their tail handed to them and their clients tell them they have do do something, or they see their peers doing it and it's a competitive issue." In the case of law firm security, he said, "We've seen the client pressure going through the roof."

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