Tuesday, May 7, 2013

News & Updates: Conflicts, Information Security

"Greenberg Traurig Settles Heller Ehrman Suit for $4.9 Million" --
  • "Greenberg Traurig LLP agreed to settle a malpractice suit with defunct law firm Heller Ehrman LLP for $4.9 million. Heller alleged that Greenberg had a conflict of interest when it was retained by the firm for the bankruptcy proceedings because the firm also represented Bank of America, which was the law firm’s lender and claimed an interest in its assets
  • "Greenberg took the position that the claims were without merit, asserting that the scope of its engagement was narrower than alleged, according to court documents. The settlement was a result of mediation... It will be considered for approval before judge Dennis Montali on May 31."
The Daily Record has published: "Seven Tips for Better Law Firm Security" --
  • "Corporations allocate significant time and money for protecting their digital intellectual property. If you have ever met an information security professional, you know that they take their jobs seriously."
  • "Once possession of that data was transferred from ABC to the law firm, they became the custodian of that data. I would argue that they had a professional and ethical obligation to protect it."
  • "Too often I see little thought or effort put towards protecting client data that is in the custody of law firms. Don’t simply take my word for it. In late 2011, representatives from New York’s top 200 were asked to meet with the FBI’s cyber division in New York City..."
  • "Make security a priority. If the managing partner at the firm isn’t buying in to the security craze then you can bet no one below is either. Make it part of your company’s culture. Many big law firms are touting their security prowess to attract bigger clients. So putting security at the top of the list can also have the benefit of getting (or holding) clients. Security makes good business sense!"
  • "One hundred percent security can never be achieved. The goal is not to be a soft target. Most hackers will move on to the next victim if they find your systems difficult to penetrate. Is your law firm doing all it can to safeguard client data?"

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