Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Client Information Security & HIPAA Compliance Response: Hinckley Allen Snyder Leverages Intapp

Hinckley Allen, a full-service law firm with offices across the northeast United States, uses Intapp Wall Builder and Intapp Activity Tracker to secure client data across firm systems, monitor internal use of sensitive information, respond to client outside counsel guidelines and audits, and address new HIPAA compliance requirements.
Said the Firm's IT Director, John Guyer:
  • "Like most law firms, we are experiencing an unprecedented number of information security audits from our clients. Traditionally, clients accepted firm assurances about information governance practices, but today more and more clients require explicit proof that firms have technical controls in place to properly restrict internal access to their sensitive business information."
  • "Intapp Wall Builder gives our firm a competitive edge when responding to client RFPs and enables us to confidently face client audits. The product also enables us to address the compliance requirements mandated by the new HIPAA Omnibus Rule."
  • "Information loss during lateral departures is another key risk affecting firms, but most organizations have no way to manage this risk because they lack visibility into how lawyers and staff use information."
  • "Intapp Activity Tracker provides our firm daily reports on usage patterns across our core systems. The product enables us to investigate abnormalities, address areas of concern before they become serious problems, comply with regulatory monitoring requirements, and, ultimately, provide firm management with greater peace of mind."
Commenting on Hinckley Allen's success, Pat Archbold, head of Intapp's Risk Practice added:
  • "We're delighted to highlight Hinckley Allen's success using our products to tackle a diverse range of information security and compliance requirements. Firms like Hinckley set the standard of care across the industry and inspire our team to extend our products' capabilities."
Visit for more information on how Intapp supports HIPAA compliance and client audit response.

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