Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year's Risk Resolution #1: Enhance Information Security

Happy new year to our growing community of risk blog readers and Risk Roundtable participants. We're excited to continue to bring you the latest news, updates and analysis. (We're always interested in feedback if you have topics you'd like to see covered, or would like to suggest or contribute an article, please feel free to reach out.)

With 2014 upon us, it's time to consider New Year's Risk Resolutions. Our first is enhancing internal information security and access management, a topic of significant interest throughout 2013 as client mandates, professional rules and new regulations highlight the need for prudent response measures.

ILTA's Legal Security Initiative recently hosted an on-point webinar: "The Benefits of ISO 27001 for Legal Firms."
  • "ISO 27001 can greatly simplify "the process" of information security - particularly for legal firms faced with increased attacks, HIPAA Omnibus challenges, an increasingly mobile work force and the need to prove you are secure/compliant to shareholders and clients."
  • "The presentation lays out a "road map" for ISO-27001 including costs, internal work effort, time-line, and typical changes required."
See the slide deck and the event recording.

Several firms have turned to the ISO standard as a "checkbox" strategy for responding to diverse information security requirements and requests. We've watched ISO for several years and a growing number of firms pursuing ISO certification.

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